About The Counselor

Dr.C knew from a young age that a lifetime of ministry was where her heart was leading her to. Her passion for the care of others blossomed in her young adult years when she began a long journey of volunteer work helping those in need. From toddlers to the care of the elderly, her desires to meet the needs of others, no matter what the age, was what inspired her to advance in her studies in college. Dr.C believes that in order to be your best, you need to optimize your skills and knowledge base, and fortunately she was able to follow in that by earning her Master's and Doctorate degrees at the top colleges in the U.S. Her faith in God not only strengthened her for her future work, but gave her the desire to keep learning, striving for excellence, and graduating at the top of her class. She is convinced that when you combine knowledge with a love and a passion to serve others, you can achieve true peace and joy in life. If anything is certain, true love, happiness, and success followed God's way, will lead you to a very fulfilling life.



Counseling Appointments may be available as soon as 1 hour! (Depending on availability.)

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Our Vision
  • To teach children, teens, and adults about the character of God.
  • To give individuals and families the opportunity to learn how to serve and give generously.
  • To equip believers to share Jesus with others.
  • To encourage families to study, pray and grow in their faith