Attending college, university, or seminary and need to intern at a counseling practice?
Consider applying for your internship with us.

Internships are available on a case by case situation and will be reviewed by Dr.C for approval.

If you're interested in applying for an Internship with Dr.C, click onto the Volunteer page below to fill out the information requested such as your name, telephone number, email address, along with a detailed request describing your need for an internship. Then click submit and your application will be processed as soon as possible. We will be in touch with you to discuss your case.

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Our Vision
  • To teach children, teens, and adults about the character of God.
  • To give individuals and families the opportunity to learn how to serve and give generously.
  • To equip believers to share Jesus with others.
  • To encourage families to study, pray and grow in their faith