Our Mission 

LOVE - we're here to show you the love of Christ and the peaceful, joyful life He desires for you.

GIVE - to give our time and hearts to you in fulfilling God's will for your life mentally, emotionally, and physically.

SERVE - to serve you with our God-given abilities and His grace to the best of our knowledge.

Christian Biblical Counseling

What is Christian Biblical Counseling and Why Is It Different? We base our counseling on God's Word, the Bible, not psychology.

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Counseling Appointments may be available as soon as 1 hour! (Depending on availability.)

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Our Vision
  • To teach children, teens, and adults about the character of God.
  • To give individuals and families the opportunity to learn how to serve and give generously.
  • To equip believers to share Jesus with others.
  • To encourage families to study, pray and grow in their faith